Quote of the day – Rita Rudner

“I don’t plan to
grow old gracefully.
I plan to have face-lifts
until my ears meet. “
– Rita Rudner
Marwari horse [www.pinterest.com]

7 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Rita Rudner

      • Thank you, my dear Pat 🙂
        Yes, life has really changed since the virus broke out worldwide. It has restricted our activities drastically. As I live here nearby a forest and some beautiful lakes I do not feel the restriction so much, only when it comes to travelling then I feel its effects mostly. I love travelling and I miss travelling to India which I have done every year at least one time in a year. Or to travel around Europe – hope our life will return to normality sooner or later. However, I feel that our life will not be like this as it used to be before the virus appeared. Nevertheless, we all should have a positive mind, positive thoughts then such the virus cannot really attack us. Let us make the best of it and who knows what God has planned for all of us with this happening worldwide…

        Have a great time and head up, my friend. A big hug from heart to heart. Prof. Didi 🙂


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