Poem by Aziz Gattoufi

A beautiful painting by my dear friend, Aziz Gattoufi

Face the fact

No need to react

Create stress out of air

A nice way to recycle your dilemma



Those are the guidelines

For a life you didn’t choose

For a life full of surprises

Happiness will be on the way

Searching for a harbour that doesn’t exist

A boat searching for its own sea

He realised he was on the mountain

And the fantasy to meet his loved mermaid was merely a dream

Now he came back to reality to face the dragon

You are expected

You are suspected

Until you are suspended,

Until you are accepted in the realm

Of total happiness

Of my illusion

The moment I talk to you

The moment I commit

The moment vanished into a galaxy of thoughts and intuitions

See you when I don’t see you

Seal it.”

Aziz Gattoufi [17.11.20]


Happiness is …

…random things that make me smile!


Madame Dragonfly


Big sister drew something cute and little sister have to spoil it by adding that strange-looking hat!


The books I ordered online have finally arrived.


Big sister drew dogs watching TV on a cardboard and little sister have to add a cat with wings on it.


“I want to be tall like you, Miss Statue.”


“Yellow cupcake with yellow frosting, anyone???”