Joke of the day – OCD


We have OCD …

Obsessive Coffee Disorder.

bunny with coffee.jpg

money with coffee.jpg

dog with coffee.jpg

cat with coffee.jpg

[Pics from Pinterest]




      1. Coffee while working, watered-down-wine with herb tea mix for later – LOL – somedays I put aside the coffee pot earlier in afternoon than others, to reach for the water-wine – – LOL OWWD – – LOL

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      2. You’ll live much longer than I – until i discovered Pinon Pine Nut Coffee – my mornings were green tea -and beer/wine later – LOL I do have to say, about kills me to drink the other ‘coffee labeled products’ at work – but, shared coffee pot and ya never know just who might have a violent nut allergy – wouldn’t want to kill someone fixing me own brew – – LOL

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