What’s up, duck?

duck at the market.png
We bumped into a beautiful duck
at the market this morning
This is no ordinary duck and 
definitely not a live duck for sale
It is a pet duck and it belonged
to the vegetable seller
It stayed in the same spot
and seemed obedient
Shaye wanted to pat Miss Ducky
but I said it was not a good idea
Suddenly it turned and
grunted  a few times at us
Perhaps, this was what it said
“My friends, why are you staring at me?
Have you not seen a duck-at-work?”
Well, that really quacked us up.

duck at the market-1

19 thoughts on “What’s up, duck?

  1. Oh what a beautiful Duck… I smiled big time, as where I am from, this saying is something of a local greeting.. Ay Up Me Duck.. which means Hello https://youtu.be/sCWDuGjAi8Y. Which those visiting Nottinghamshire have come away with.. Some quite famous!… 🙂
    And the locals will often be heard to say
    “Ey up me duck, y’alreet?” (Hello, are you well?)…. y’alreet? is slang for Are you Alright?

    Hope this made you smile, 🙂 ❤ HUGS..

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