Quote of the day – Christian Dior

“White is pure and simple and matches with everything.”
– Christian Dior



Showy ‘Hiwhiskers’ and Yellow Bells – Bloggy Cat

As you know, Hiwhiskers (Hibiscus) is a tropical shrub that produces showy trumpet-shaped flowers in an array of beautiful colours.

So, today I will tell you the meaning of each colour based on the colour ‘phycatlogy’ facts:

White hibiscus

white hibiscus

White is the colour of purrrfection and it indicates a fresh beginning. It’s a reminder for humans to start clearing their clutter and obstacles away.

Pink hibiscus

Shocking pink!

Shocking pink!

Ice pink!

Ice pink!

Pink is the colour for relaxation and good health, as in being ‘in the pink’ and having ‘pink rosy cheeks’. It is also the universal colour of love. So, please start loving cats.

Red hibiscus

red hibiscus

Red is the colour of vigour and courage. It has high visibility. That’s the reason why humans paint the stop signs and fire equipments red.

Orange hibiscus

big orange hibiscus

Orange is the colour of warmth and happiness. It brings spontaneity, helping humans to look on the bright side of life.

Yellow bells

Yellow is the colour of joy and happiness. This is the purrrrfect shrub for you if you love yellow. Many humans believed it helps sharpen their memory and concentration skills. No wonder I see so many houses in the neighbourhood planting this shrub in their garden.

But here’s the interesting part. Have you ever seen a coconut tree using the yellow bells as a hula skirt? Well, see it for yourself…

Hey....let's do the hula dance!

Hey….let’s do the hula dance!

Okay folks, meow-ry melodies!
Pink Cat