11 thoughts on “Joke of the day – CATsino

      • Good morning alley cat. What is your plan for today ? Here we have to clean a guest room and bathroom and go to the post office, supermarket and bank.


      • WordPress is doing amazing things this evening, Pat. I was half way through replying to one of your comments when everything just disappeared, notification and my typing. Let’s just start again. Thanks for the book, Pat. I was amazed this afternoon when the postman was ringing the doorbell so hard. When I went to answer, he asked me to go down to Sign. And it was a Happy Guide. I haven’t started it yet. Have a nice weekend, Pat. It will be a busy one for me.

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      • It’s my pleasure, Dai. Wow, that was an express delivery. Happy reading and do let me know your comments on the book. Hope you’ll get some relaxing days soon, my friend. (* ˘⌣˘)◞♥

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