Joke of the day – Magical

“I can make coffee disappear. 
What’s your superpower?”

4 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Magical

  1. Greetings Pat. I’m online today as you can see. Are you all okay there, Pat ? Here we are all okay but a little tense because of the rocketing infection rate in Portugal.

    Pat, I can also do magic because in the evenings I can make red wine disappear. Does that count, Pat ?

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    • Hello Dai, yes, we’re all well, thanks. Our 2-week lockdown which will end on 31/3 has been extended to 14/4. I think I’m turning into a zombie. Ahh yes, making wine disappear is your superpower. Be safe and healthy, my friend. (*ૂ❛ัᴗ❛ั*ૂ)


  2. Awesome! I have that super power too! Shall we form a ‘league’ or ‘support’ group when coffee supplies dry up? For me, here, shipping lines often delayed AND coffee beans don’t grow here – researching plants for herbs/teas to grow, as, well, chicory is substitute, will grow here with some babying, but I’m just not that desperate/out of stores, yet – LOL

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