Joke of the day – Insignificant

Ivory now and then, I feel irrelephant.”

8 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Insignificant

  1. Good morning, Pat. It’s me, Dai. I’ve spent the past couple of hours updating our October accounts so my eyes are a bit sore and I will rest for a while now. It’s getting cooler here nowadays; very welcome. How are your infection rates there? Really terrible here.

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    • Good evening, Dai! The infection rates here have gone up recently. Certain states/towns are in lockdown again. But my place is still ok. Hope things get better soon. The weather here is still hot and no signs of getting cooler. Stay safe and healthy, my friend.(ノ^∇^)

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  2. Is there anyone who doesn’t love elephants!

    Sadly the infection rates have gone up here in the UK too. Record highs this past week, even more daily cases reported than back in April/May. Fortunately the deaths are still low, but the number of hospital admissions is rising, and we know what that will lead to. Stay safe everyone.

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