6 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Puggin’ tired

  1. LOL – – I have spent several weeks trying to fix this/fix that – today? I’m just sitting with, “Well, maybe, I just need to observe, instead of trying to fix….” Obviously, I’m worn out and needed a day to ‘reset’/’fix’ mysefl! – – LOL

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      • I remember when my family was young, and I was working so much, just to keep shelter, food, etc., available, it seemed so hard to ‘find the space/time’ to reset – OR – it felt like to do so, was to ‘risk my children’s welfare’ to turn down work, etc. I laugh at myself, now, when I realize, common themes coming up, and I think, “Ya know, there is food in the cupboard, no children coming home from school with “Surprise! I need $150 worth of supplies/uniforms, etc., by tomorrow, for….” and so, I’m TOTALLY STILL working on resets from things of long ago…. 😀

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      • Yup, we’re working so hard now just to keep food and the necessities available. Prices of food are soaring and it’s just madness. But we’ll be okay. We always get thru the tough times, don’t we? 💪Catch up soon. I still owe you that mail. Lol! 🤛😅

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