Joke of the day – Seagull

Hey gull friend!
Here’s a chip for you.

4 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Seagull

  1. Once, I was working 3 different jobs and finally, lapsed into total tiredness to ‘pack my lunch’ and grabbed fast food while traveling from one job to the next – after a few bites, I realized it didn’t taste good, didn’t feel nourishing and I threw it away at the dumpster when I arrived at ‘job #2″ – ONLY to watch a local squirrel race down to get it – and I said to him – “If it’s not good for me, how can it possibly be good for you?? Just saying….” He chomped it down and scurried to something else thrown away and I sighed and thought, “Well….guess I probably shouldn’t buy it anymore, if I’m going to toss it – gotta save the resident squirrel, doncha know – – ” LOL. Moral of the story?? Sometimes it takes an urban squirrel to get the point through to me of what I should be doing for myself, in the first place, but need reminded of when I get distracted and busy and not paying attention to taking care of myself…. LOL

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