Joke of the day – Knock knock

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Barbara who?
Barbara black sheep.
Have you any wool?

5 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Knock knock

  1. LOVE to you dear friend… I will write loner soon.. I am having problems with my pc not registering the the letter g,, I am having to use the touch keyboard that isn’t touch lol but a pop up to use the letter g And use spell check to rectify when its missing . so bare with me dear Pat.. It is going on Friday to be fixed. Barrrrr…. Barrr… my friend ❤ Its surprisin just how my letter gs we use… Thank goodness its not a vowel letter lol..

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  2. I read and was reminded of…..something….that came across my radar recently, regarding this nursery rhyme, and it’s way of describing the order in which a fleece/fiber bearing animal is shorn, and the ‘classification’ of the fibers, from various areas of the animal, i.e. fine, highly valued fibers and those good for more sturdy, every day wear, etc. as classified by the class status of those mentioned in the rhyme – Alas, I checked the three folders most likely to hold the bookmark and it is not there – so, I could have dreamed it/made it up – but, somewhere, in internet land, I do believe this information exists – I just didn’t quickly ‘re-find’ it – to share with you!

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