Joke of the day – Weed diet

I’m on a see weed diet and
it’s called Mari-iguana!
If weed diet is a sin,
I’ll see you all inhale!

9 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Weed diet

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      • Yes – I eat dandelion salads and make dandelion root tea for health – (classified as weed – especially by those with perfect turf lawns – LOL) Let’s see – in some areas of the country or many areas, here’s the weeds I eat, make tea from or put into soups, stews, salads, etc.: Nettles, Pigweed, & Burdock – – the ‘legal in Colorado’ weed that is promoted and sold and now, seems available for sale in all the hold buildings that used to house convenience stores? LOL – um, nope – just not my thing – and to me? From friends who use medicinally or recreationally? That kind of ‘diet’ is way to rich for my pocketbook! I can think of a million other seeds, plants, home improvement things or books I’d rather spend those $ on – LOL

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