12 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Pink cat

  1. Oh Lordy. What to say, what to say.We have a shit load of Embassies here in Ottawa as it is the capital of the country.There is one section of town down by the Ottawa River and close to the Parliament buildings, where many ambassadors,their families and staff live – the mansions are huge and all older renovated buildings. The women of these ambassadors have little to do as they cannot work in Canada and aside from their embassy duties, have a lot of free time. I drove through there a while back and many were walking their dogs – and they were pink and blue and all colors. I felt bad for the dogs.

    Also, we had a white cat sprayed by a skunk once. On the vet’s advice I bathed her in tomato juice and she turned pink. Ha! It took a good two months before she was pure white again.And I didn’t see her drivin’ no CATillac. Ha!

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  2. Somewhere, along the line, in my childhood, the Pink Cadillac got lumped in with the White Limozeen – LOL – but the sentiments, values, desires for future, while retaining loyalty to roots/family – well – Dolly has done it all – and while she reached for and attained ‘star status’ she never forgot where she came from, and gives back, over and over, in so many ways – 🙂 Wanted to share with you – 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Paw_Ogqcc

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