Joke of the day – Beep beep

“Outta my way! It’s black Friday!”



4 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Beep beep

  1. LOL – one of MY FAVE vendors for herbs and information on using natural ingredients, sent out an email yesterday with #BuyNothingDay in it – – to protest consumerism, worker rights to be home with their families, not buying locally, etc., etc., etc.

    Sadly – I saved in archive and said, “Sorry – but buying software tools for my business – they don’t do sales in july and no one local builds the tools I need – – HOWEVER! I did score some cool tools from folks who live about 200 miles away from me and one tool from someone half-way between me and thee – -Independent Business Owners are they and one, does that AND is in group that has opened to Microbrewery Tap rooms for crafted beers, not far from me – like maybe a weekend ‘out’ to play/have fun?

    Thus, I met SOME of the criteria, but not all – I didn’t go out to eat, or drive to shop, but…um…yeah….I shopped yesterday – – LOL

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    • LOL! I didn’t shop on Black Friday though there were a number of clothes outlet doing this sale. Everyone here is more interested in the online sale on 11.11. We bought some stuff online but mostly work related. Events props and stuff.

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