Joke of the day – Bird vs sister

My 14-year old daughter, Sydelle sure has a great sense of humour
Kiwi (pet budgie ) vs Shaye
Shaye & Kiwi


4 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Bird vs sister

  1. Ahh….siblings….Tell Kiwi my brother, who is so much younger than I that we effectively had totally different childhoods, with the same parents? Two weeks ago, after so many ‘adulting it years’ when I did nothing but irritate him, it felt like (and I’m the eldest!) we talked longer than we had for a long time and well – he txtd and said, “I love you more than you’ll ever know’ – – You’re 14, just now, but your sister? When you’re nearly 60? She’ll love the one place where she can be herself, knowing you understand – – but for now? Yup, you and she are going to feel like this – it’s not forever

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