Joke of the day – Dengue fever

funny donkey
Me: “The doctor said if you still have a fever by Sunday, you have to go for the dengue fever test.”
Shaye: “Oh no!  I hope it’s not donkey fever.”
[Jokes aside, it has been a very stressful week.  Shaye, my 8-year old daughter recovered from her fever. Unfortunately, Sydelle, my 12-year old daughter and hubby were diagnosed with dengue fever on Monday, 5.8.19.  But they are on the mend and I’m glad they are recovering well and they are in good spirits.]




Joke of the day – Misalter

I bought a packet of Epsom salt from the pharmacy.

epsom salt.jpg

I poured the salt into an empty plastic container.

Epsom salt in container.jpg

And I asked my 9-year old to write “Epsom Salt” on the container with a black marker.

This is what she wrote:









Joke of the day – The Wrong T-Shirt

the wrong t-shirt

Shaye:  “Mom, I don’t like this T-shirt.  It’s  wrong.”

Me:  “What’s wrong with it?”

Shaye:  “It says – My Love for Mom and Dad only.  

But I want a T-shirt that says –

My Love for Mom and Dad and Sister.”

Shaye with hello kitty mask




Joke of the day – Meaning of life

Toddler:  “What do you think the meaning of life is?”

Cat:  “Well, I think it’s eating …

… and sleeping!”

Toddler:  “Yup, that’s what I thought.”

toddler and cat