Joke of the day – Cake it!

“Give yourself
plenty of time and
cake it easy!”

4 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Cake it!

  1. I think this dog has eaten a bit too much LOL – reminds me on our dog when I was child. My sister has made me some meat balls for the journey to England and has piled them up on a plate. Rasti our dog, was himself still quite small but he was so much attracted by the plate full of meat balls that he did his best to jump about half a meter high and was able to reach the plate which fell down on the floor with nearly all meat-balls. When I came to the kitchen I saw the dog with an innocent look in his eyes, but his stomach was so full that you could see a big ball there (LOL) – only one meat ball survived – it was under the plate and the dog could not reach it…

    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend Pat 🙂
    Hugs and love

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