Joke of the day – Feed me

“Excuse me,
your bird feeder
is empty.”

2 thoughts on “Joke of the day – Feed me

  1. LOL! I find it a continuing source of amusement over the various ‘help this to survive/but don’t feed the wildlife’ public service announcements that get shoved out, here – such as, “if you don’t have lots of early spring flowers, etc., put out sugar water for (bees, hummingbirds”) BUT (flipside!) “DOn’t hang humingbird feeders, put out sugar water, cuz it will attract rodents, bears, and racoons…” – – “Don’t feed the wildlife!” vs. “Hang out bird feeders, make your homemade bird feeders using rendered fat/lard, but don’t do that, cuz it will attract bears to your place, and then, an innocent bear will have to be put down, because of your idiotic ways….” – – “Don’t Feed the Wildlife”, but leave some berries on the bushes to carry year round and migratory birds caught in unseasonal weather during their annual migrations that are being impacted by climate change….”

    Me? Well, bird seed, deer blinds, DIYs for making your own abound, are marketed, sold, and mentioned, lauded by the “Don’t feed the wildlife’ folks – sigh – here, over and over – ME?

    “Would you people make up your mind on what you’re actually asking for????” LOL

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