Joke of the day – Dishes

Wife: “Would you help me with the dishes?”
Husband: “It’s not a man’s job?”
Wife:  “The Bible suggests it is.”
Husband: “Where does it say that?”
Wife: ‘In 2 Kings 21:13 it says,”
“…And I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish,
wiping it and turning it upside down.”
-Bob Phillips



Joke of the day – MAD

I’m really MAD (Making A Difference)

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Household chores

“It’s all in the attitude – housework is exercise. Slim your way to a clean home!” – Linda Solegato

When it comes to household chores, whatever I find most difficult to do, I’ll take it on first. I find it best to tackle tougher chores early in the day when my energy and motivation are both at peak levels. By getting the tough task out of the way, it gives me the satisfaction and momentum to the rest of my day.

You may think you would be happiest with no chores at all. Perhaps you’re right, but that would not be the case for most people. Work and the satisfaction it brings seem to be a key ingredient in human happiness quotient.