Joke of the day – Shell we?

Shell we dance?
Just eggnore him.
No time for eggsplanation.

Joke of the day – Dishes

Wife: “Would you help me with the dishes?”
Husband: “It’s not a man’s job?”
Wife:  “The Bible suggests it is.”
Husband: “Where does it say that?”
Wife: ‘In 2 Kings 21:13 it says,”
“…And I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish,
wiping it and turning it upside down.”
-Bob Phillips



Little Builder’s Block – NBC

If there is writer’s block,
then there is also builder’s block.
My little six-year old insists on buying
the Petit Block for kids age 12+
but it’s clearly not for a petite builder like her.

petit block

“I can build this cute looking cat, Mom!”
she exclaimed.
Back home, she opened the packet
and found the instructions.

instructions 1.jpg

She began to mull over the step-by-step guide on
how to put together this block kitty.  

instructions 2

We peeped at our little builder as
she struggled to follow the steps.
I know she will eventually find a way to
assemble the cat out of these small blocks
and it’s amazing what she can come up with 
after the short spell of the builder’s block.

block cats side

“Look, Mom! It’s a mommy cat with its baby!”

block cats

She said she is not done yet and
there are more to come.  
Watch out for Part 2!
For now, this petite builder is happy
with the new cats on the block.

little builder