The homeless man – NBC


The other day, I was walking behind this homeless man after getting a few things from the grocery store.

He’s most likely in his mid-thirties.  He seemed normal and healthy and in no way inadequate though his clothes looked old and worn out. He often carries a plastic bag with what looked like the few essential items he possessed.

I often see him loitering about the vicinity where I lived.  I wonder why he is homeless and if he had a family.  I’m sure he has a life story to tell like everyone else.

There were a few occasions I saw him sitting in the playground nearby writing in a notebook.  And he just kept on writing and writing.  

Otherwise, he can be seen standing outside a 24-hour convenience store where he would place a plastic container for anyone who is willing to spare him some loose change. He seemed to have a kind of dignity and confidence in him that I could not explain, unlike most homeless persons I have met.  I am sure he knew who his regular supporters were. After all, this is a very small suburb.  And most long-time residents here respect and accept him for who he is.

Apart from that, he is self-sufficient and content to live his life this way.  Once, we happened to be both queueing to buy our food from a food truck.  A four-wheel drive drove pass and stopped in front of us.  A middle-aged woman winds down her the car window and handed the homeless man a bag of Chinese takeaway food.  To my surprise, he told her in fluent Cantonese “No need, I have food today.”  But the woman was persistent and said twice, “Take it, I bought it for you.”  And again he told her no.  The lady then drove away bewildered by the rejection from this homeless man.

Here is a person who I guess had not eaten a decent meal in at least a few years and I cannot help to think how often we are guilty of overindulgent when it comes to food.

There were days we too may feel just like this homeless man – unloved, lonely and disconnected. The only difference is that we have a place we can go to, which we call home.

My prayer for everyone is may we never end up like this homeless man.  Life has its ups and downs and so often life seemed so unfair and our suffering unbearable.  But in those times may we be grateful to have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  And most of all to have our family or someone by our side, to love and to be loved.




Quote of the day – C S Lewis

“We may not be able to get certainty,

but we can get probability,

and half a loaf is better than no bread.”

– C.S. Lewis



NBC talks about FACEBook


Interview with FM (FreeMice) Radio Station:

Q: Humans today are so addicted to social media particularly the FACEBook. What is your definition of FACEBook?

A: FACEBook is Find A Cat Emergency Book….hehe just kidding! The correct definition is Filling A Common Emptiness Book.

Q: Why do you say filling a common emptiness?

A: Yes, let’s call it the Emptiness Tank or short, E-Tank. FACEBook has become a filler for these humans.

Q: What kind of stuff do humans fill in their E-tanks?

A: Humans can be rather kooky. Based on my ‘catscan’ reading, humans who are addicted to FACEBook are usually the lonely and the bored ones. Below are a few cat-egories of the kind of stuff humans put into their E-tanks:

Cat. 01 : The Foodsie

This human will record and photograph every meal in fancy restaurants and ensure the photos are posted in real-time. Gee…I thought humans should say grace before meals. Guess I was wrong. This type of human is confused between FACEBook and FOODBook and they are commonly found in Asian countries.
Hamburger waving hello

Cat. 02: The Super chef

This human says ‘In case you don’t know, I can cook like a celebrity chef.’ See what I’ve cooked for my family – breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper……zzzzZZZZ.
Hungry kids

Cat. 03: The Flashy Human

“Well friends, look how successful, happy and purrrrrfect my life is.” My human refers to this type of human as the modest narcissist. Everything said and posted on FACEBook will always be I, Me and Myself.

Cat. 04: The Love Professor

Human who constantly professes love for spouse/partner on each other’s walls – “I’m so blessed to have the BEST and most caring husband in the world.” “My wife is so beautiful and she can cook too!” Seriously, do you need to plaster your relationship on the wall?
Valentine artist

Cat. 05: The Moaner

The human who complains about everything. You’ll probably see a posting that goes like “Oh…I’m so sad. I woke up this morning and I saw a big pimple on my nose.” What a pathetic way to seek attention!

Q: So, I guess you are not a FACEBook fan?

A: Yeah, too many FACEBook users have become FACEBrags. It used to be fun just sharing and connecting with friends. My human is no longer an active user on FACEBook. Probably because she’s overwhelmed with the floods of information about anything and everything.

Q: There are many humans out there who still love FACEBook. Do you think humans will respond negatively to what you’ve said about FACEBook?

A: Well, humans are entitled to their own opinion, no matter how oblique they are. We cats are really not bothered by how humans perceive us. Besides, cats are independent and meticulous observers.
Black Cat Scratching the screen

Q: What else do you want to say to humans about FACEBook?

A: Just remember these 5 things:

1. Not everything needs to be recorded and not everything needs to be photographed and posted on FACEBook or anywhere else.

2. Before you post anything, please ask yourself, is this interesting, informative or amusing?

3. Get rid of the fear of missing out.

4. The more FACEBook time, the less FACETime (real-life time) and it’s a reminder to step back and re-think your priorities.

5. Keep some of your personal life…you know, personal!
Kitten says Hello