Life of a solivagant

the traveller

“Bruno Catalano (b. 1960), France
Nicko, 2017 Bronze sculpture
A suitcase, a man. He seizes it, and goes to the unknown.  The traveller is this man left to himself, a man propelled in the infinity of time and space.  His house is nothing more than a suitcase and his being, gradually, will be stripped of all that he believed indispensable, all his self so cleverly built by our societies.  He is no longer the man of a world, but the man in the world, still imbued with his culture but become fragile in the face of immensity.  His quest will not be without damage.  Man defragmented, destabilized, stripped of his bearings, he walks towards his salvation as much as towards his run. Everything will now be reinvented.  This traveller escapes from himself, to meet his unknown land.”

bruno catalano


Let’s start the race!

I live in a country where
we are still defined by our race.
Some say,
it’s to preserve our own culture and heritage.
But I beg to differ as
over the years had caused much
discrimination and discord.
And those in authority are
killing our spirits
with their on-going rhetoric
for popularity and votes.
We need to see ourselves as 
one nation, one human race.
Let us join our hearts together
to push for change 
no matter how difficult
or long it may take
for the sake of our children
and future generations.
The time is now, my friends.
Let’s start the race today!










NBC talks about FACEBook


Interview with FM (FreeMice) Radio Station:

Q: Humans today are so addicted to social media particularly the FACEBook. What is your definition of FACEBook?

A: FACEBook is Find A Cat Emergency Book….hehe just kidding! The correct definition is Filling A Common Emptiness Book.

Q: Why do you say filling a common emptiness?

A: Yes, let’s call it the Emptiness Tank or short, E-Tank. FACEBook has become a filler for these humans.

Q: What kind of stuff do humans fill in their E-tanks?

A: Humans can be rather kooky. Based on my ‘catscan’ reading, humans who are addicted to FACEBook are usually the lonely and the bored ones. Below are a few cat-egories of the kind of stuff humans put into their E-tanks:

Cat. 01 : The Foodsie

This human will record and photograph every meal in fancy restaurants and ensure the photos are posted in real-time. Gee…I thought humans should say grace before meals. Guess I was wrong. This type of human is confused between FACEBook and FOODBook and they are commonly found in Asian countries.
Hamburger waving hello

Cat. 02: The Super chef

This human says ‘In case you don’t know, I can cook like a celebrity chef.’ See what I’ve cooked for my family – breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper……zzzzZZZZ.
Hungry kids

Cat. 03: The Flashy Human

“Well friends, look how successful, happy and purrrrrfect my life is.” My human refers to this type of human as the modest narcissist. Everything said and posted on FACEBook will always be I, Me and Myself.

Cat. 04: The Love Professor

Human who constantly professes love for spouse/partner on each other’s walls – “I’m so blessed to have the BEST and most caring husband in the world.” “My wife is so beautiful and she can cook too!” Seriously, do you need to plaster your relationship on the wall?
Valentine artist

Cat. 05: The Moaner

The human who complains about everything. You’ll probably see a posting that goes like “Oh…I’m so sad. I woke up this morning and I saw a big pimple on my nose.” What a pathetic way to seek attention!

Q: So, I guess you are not a FACEBook fan?

A: Yeah, too many FACEBook users have become FACEBrags. It used to be fun just sharing and connecting with friends. My human is no longer an active user on FACEBook. Probably because she’s overwhelmed with the floods of information about anything and everything.

Q: There are many humans out there who still love FACEBook. Do you think humans will respond negatively to what you’ve said about FACEBook?

A: Well, humans are entitled to their own opinion, no matter how oblique they are. We cats are really not bothered by how humans perceive us. Besides, cats are independent and meticulous observers.
Black Cat Scratching the screen

Q: What else do you want to say to humans about FACEBook?

A: Just remember these 5 things:

1. Not everything needs to be recorded and not everything needs to be photographed and posted on FACEBook or anywhere else.

2. Before you post anything, please ask yourself, is this interesting, informative or amusing?

3. Get rid of the fear of missing out.

4. The more FACEBook time, the less FACETime (real-life time) and it’s a reminder to step back and re-think your priorities.

5. Keep some of your personal life…you know, personal!
Kitten says Hello


Homemade yogurt recipe

images (3)

I have been making yogurt for over 5 years now. Making yogurt really is easy and it’s convenient and cheap. After you have done it once or twice, you will be able to figure out what works best for you. The best part is you will be able to provide your family with fresh homemade yogurt on a regular basis.

Here’s the recipe:

Things you will need:

4 cups or 1 litre milk
1/2 cup powdered milk
3 tablespoon plain yogurt with live cultures (room temperature)
Storage containers/jars


1. Pour 4 cups or 1 litre milk into a pot or saucepan. Heat milk until about 175 – 185°C or bubbles around edge of pot. Stir often to prevent scorching.

2. Cool the milk until about 50 – 55°C. If you do not have a thermometer, just wash your hands and stick your little pinkie into the mixture and if it is painfully hot, let it cool a bit longer. If it’s very warm but not painfully hot, it is about the right temperature. Remove film from top and discard. Stir in powdered milk.

3. Place plain yogurt in a small bowl and add 1/3 cup warm milk and mix until smooth. Stir in the mixture into remaining milk.

4. Pour mixture into your containers. (I like to strain it through a small wire mesh strainer while I’m pouring it into the jars).

5. Incubate the yogurt for minimum 5 hours, longer or even overnight. Do not shake/disturb incubation. After 3 hours check to see if yogurt is set by tilting containers gently. If yogurt is set and firm, place it in fridge and chill before serving. If not continue to incubate. (I normally leave the yogurt to set overnight and refrigerate it in the morning)

If incubate using the oven, warm the oven to about 115°C.(If your oven does not have a low temperature setting, just set it to the lowest temperature possible and allow it to heat up for a bit). Then turn the oven off. Set the container in the oven.

Helpful tips:

a) If for some reason the yogurt did not set after 3 hours, don’t panic – just squeeze some lemon on the mixture.

b) If your homemade yogurt is fresh enough you can use it as the starter next time. To do this easily, without feeling like you constantly need to be making a fresh batch of yogurt, you can freeze a tablespoon of your fresh homemade yogurt to save as a starter.