Quote of the day – Che Guevara

Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply
any injustice committed against anyone,
anywhere in the world.
This is the most beautiful quality
in a revolutionary.
– Che Guevara

Quote of the day – Charles Dickens

“I hope that real love and truth are stronger in the end

than any evil or misfortune in the world.” 

– Charles Dickens

cute dog and elephant best friends

Photo by Barry Bland

Ladybug Love from AnimateIt.net


World Peace & Harmony – Shyamli Suneesh

Peace is glory, peace is dignity,
peace is love and peace is amity.

Birds fly freely high up in the blue sky,
Flowers bloom and cherish when spring arrives.
Dews settle on leaves with deliberate happiness,
As bees buzz excited around their hives.

Why aren’t we as happy as they are?
So free, so elated
and no complaints at all.

Take the morning paper in your hand
and you’d find destruction all over land,
going around in evil bands
making peace and harmony banned.

War, conflict and destruction everywhere
arresting our accord even while asleep
Oh! God now is so very rare
And is peace today that hard to keep?

People are killed
every now and then.
Oh! Isn’t there anyone who’s skilled,
to place the eminent gem
of tranquility and unity.

I woke up today morning,
to enjoy Mother Breeze.
She says if we’d stop roaring
and take everything with ease,
we’d surely succeed in gaining world peace

As trees and flowers sway
and the wind runs over my face
It brings in a new ray of hope
that world peace can still return

“May the World Live in Peace and Harmony”

– Shyamli Suneesh