Something pig is coming (´・(oo)・`)

happy chinese new year 2019
A new year is dawning.
The year of the golden pig is upon us.
I’m still trying to pig the right words
to wish you a very happy Chinese new year.
May this new year brings you 
golden opportunities,
a clean bill of health,
abundance of joy and laughter.
And may you always bring home the bacon
and have lots of lard luck.
Hogs & kisses,
pig project

My pig project.

pig project - side view

Happy Lunar New Year!





Happy Chinese Mew Year(^=˃ᆺ˂)


The Year of the Rooster is dawning, and  NBC wishes you and your loved ones  much love, joy, peace and wealth of health with a good dose of laughter.

R  –  Reach

O  –  Out to

O  –  Others

S –   Smile

T  –  Tell a Good Joke

E  –  Eat Mindfully


R  –  Rest and Relax





8 tips for eating well…


…without having to diet:

1. Start the day with oats and you won’t be hungry for hours.

2. Eat for pleasure and good health, not for weight loss.

3. Use yoghurt instead of cream.

4. Snack on fruit and nuts instead of chocolate and crisps.

5. Use plastic squeezy bottle for olive oil and sauces – it helps you use less.

6. Eat carbs like pasta and potatoes for lunch instead of in the evening.

7. Eat more fish, chicken, vegetables and salad and less red meat and pork.

8. Steam instead of grill, grill instead of roast, roast instead of fry.