Joke of the day – Speed

This is too slow.
I need a hareplane!
🐇Happy Chinese New Year!🧧

🐰🧧Happy CNY! 🧧🐇

It’s time to welcome the year of the rabbit! I’m hoptimistic that it will be a hoppy and fruitful year. May this bunny year be kind and gentle to us all.
And may your troubles be light like rabbit hair;
May you be surrounded with the love of family and friends;
May you eat mindfully;
May you have a friend you can act silly with;
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Year of the big cat 🐯


As we usher in the year of the big cat, may we adopt the qualities of this magnificent creature.

“I’m bored. Should I go to the shopping maul?”

Just like the tiger…

~ focus on what you care about;

~ don’t lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep;

~ remember that the strongest ones are the ones who are not afraid to stand alone;

~ to achieve your goals, all you need is a clear vision and a burning desire;

~ and sometimes you just need to roar a little louder.

“Ahh it’s about time I get some sun.
I look so pale.” [www.pinterest.com]

❤️Wishing you a marvelous

year of the Tiger

filled with


bravery and



‘Rat’s’ Celebrate!

happy rat year 2020
Chinese New Year or “Spring Festival
is the most important and the most popular holiday
for Chinese people and in the Chinese culture. 
And today marks the beginning
the year of the “Gold” or “Metal” Rat
On this auspicious day, NBC’s wish for you
is that you’ll continue to be
Agile &
Have a Mice day!
Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái
Wish you happiness and prosperity!
Wàn Shì Rú Yi
May all go well with you.

lion dance



Something pig is coming (´・(oo)・`)

happy chinese new year 2019
A new year is dawning.
The year of the golden pig is upon us.
I’m still trying to pig the right words
to wish you a very happy Chinese new year.
May this new year brings you 
golden opportunities,
a clean bill of health,
abundance of joy and laughter.
And may you always bring home the bacon
and have lots of lard luck.
Hogs & kisses,

pig project

My pig project.

pig project - side view

Happy Lunar New Year!





Happy Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year begins tomorrow, 16th February and 2018 will be the year of the dog. As you know, the dog is a symbol of loyalty, honesty and faithfulness.  Besides, if you spell ‘dog’ backwards, it becomes ‘god’.   
This new year, I’m reminded of the lessons learned from our slobbering pets.
Lesson #1:   The joy of living in the now
Dogs do not think about yesterday nor do they worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. They live in the now.

Lesson #2:  There is always time for playtime
Dogs understood the importance of playtime for healthy mind, body and soul.

Lesson #3:   In life, we sometimes messed up
It’s okay to mess up.  Just shake it off, clean yourself up and move on.

Lesson #4:   Dig deeper
Dogs are persistent when it comes to digging for their buried bone/treasure.  Sometimes, we need to persevere and dig deeper to reach our goals.

Lesson #5:   Loyalty stills counts
Canines are loyal to their humans and animal friends due to their patience and selflessness.

Lesson #6:   Give unconditional love and expect nothing in return
Dogs love their humans and animal friends unconditionally because they are sincere,  non-judgmental and they do not hold grudges.




Happy Chinese Mew Year(^=˃ᆺ˂)


The Year of the Rooster is dawning, and  NBC wishes you and your loved ones  much love, joy, peace and wealth of health with a good dose of laughter.

R  –  Reach

O  –  Out to

O  –  Others

S –   Smile

T  –  Tell a Good Joke

E  –  Eat Mindfully


R  –  Rest and Relax





Happy Lunar New Year!

Smiley from Millan.Net

This Chinese New Year, it is the year of the Monkey and many will be giving wishes for luck, prosperity  and good fortune during this festive season.  But NBC’s simple wishes for this Lunar New Year are:

M –  Make peace & express affection;

funny monkey embracing

O –  Offer a helping hand;

N –  Never give up;

K –  Keep smiling;

E –  Eat more bananas;

Y –  You’re special!  Never forget that.



Happy Lunar New Year

According to the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the year of the Goat.

(Photo credit: www.jokeroo.com)

(Photo credit: http://www.jokeroo.com)

Based on my ‘Catsrology’, the Year of the Goat simply means…





“Gong Xi Fa Cai”

Happy Lunar New Year 2015!