Time to unplug

It’s time to unplug &

panda turn-off

reconnect with beautiful nature.

cat relaxing at the beachj

I will be back soon.

cool cat in sunglasses

Keep smiling &

cute cat smiling

keep shining, my friends!

sun-clouds3cute cats group photo.jpg

[Pics from http://www.pinterest.com]



Special Thoughts This Christmas

Smileys singing carols
Merry Xmas

Every time a hand reaches out
to help another….that is Christmas!

Old Person Helped to Walk

Every time someone puts anger aside
and strife for understanding…that is Christmas!

Angry dog

Every time people forget their differences
and realize their love for each other…that is Christmas!

Hug and slip

May this Christmas bring us
…closer to the spirit of human understanding,

Funny Strong Hand Shaking
…closer to the blessing of peace!

Peace Out Sign

Cute Black Cat waving

Have a pawesome, ameowzing and purrrrrfect Christmas!

Glitter Happy Holidays