Joke of the day – Hoodwink

Judge:  “How could you swindle these good people who trusted you so?”

Con man:  “Your Honor, you can’t swindle people who don’t trust you.”



Joke of the day – In God We Trust

in god we trust sign

A man wants to seek legal advice. Before he seek advice, he went to a bar for a drink.

At the bar he saw the sign at the cash register, “In God We Trust, Cash Only.”

He then went to a second bar and saw a similar sign on the wall that says, “In God We Trust, All Others Pay In Cash.”

He proceeded to the first law firm to seek advice. As he entered he saw a religious symbol.

When he went to the second law firm, he saw a large deity.

He then proceed to a third law firm but to his surprise, he did not see any religious symbols. So, out of curiosity, he asked the lawyer, “Why didn’t you put any religious symbols as other law firms do?”

The solicitor replied, “In God we trust. We do not cheat.”

– JM aka Funny Bald Dad