“Candor is a compliment; it implies equality. It’s how true friends talk.”

– Peggy Noonan

"What kind of doggie are you?" (http://pinterest.com)

“What kind of doggie are you?” (http://pinterest.com)

"Maori greeting" (http://anilol.com)

“Maori greeting” (http://anilol.com)

"Let's be honest, do I stink or what?" (http://justcuteanimals.com)

“Let’s be honest, do I stink or what?” (http://justcuteanimals.com)

"Bear with me, buddy." (http://jokeroo.com)

“Bear with me, buddy.” (http://jokeroo.com)

"Great minds think alike." (http://smash.com)

“Great minds think alike.” (http://smash.com)


Joke of the day – Rare steak

Jim was furious when his steak arrived cooked too rare.

‘Waiter,’ Jim shouted, ‘Didn’t you hear me say “well done”?’

‘Of course I did, sir, I can’t thank you enough, sir,’ replied the waiter. ‘I hardly ever get a compliment.’