Joke of the day – German shepherd

New Child Protection Policy
Sometimes one good shepherd is insufficient.



Joke of the day – Puppies for sale


“For sale: Nine adorable puppies from a German shepherd and a Siberian hussy.”


Joke of the day – Guide dogs

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Two friends run into each other while walking their dogs. One suggests lunch. The other says, “They won’t let us in a restaurant with pets.”

Undeterred, the first guy and his German Shepherd head into the restaurant. The waiter stops them, saying “Sir, you can’t bring your dog in here.”

“But I’m blind,” the man replies, “and this is my guide dog.”

The waiter, apologizing profusely, show both man and dog to a table.

His friend waits five minutes, then tries the same routine. “You have a Chihuahua for a guide dog?” the skeptical waiter asks.

“A Chihuahua?” the man says, “Is that what they gave me?”