Quote of the day – Otto von Bismarck

Laws are like sausages,

it is better not to see them being made.”



– Otto von Bismarck


Quote of the day – Alan Armstrong

“In a world where we are forced to conform to society,

funny ducks

it is necessary to have personal chaos.”

– Alan Armstrong


Doctor smiley face

“Science may have found a cure for most evils; …

… but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all –

… the apathy of human beings.”

"I don't understand humans either!"

“I don’t understand humans either!”

– Helen Keller


Poem of H㋡pe


MY GOD WILL MAKE A WAY – Lydia Preston

Society seems in a mess
Mothers cry, while Fathers stress
to be polite is a disgrace
as children mock you to your face

Every day the papers show
that crime and rape did upward go
the things done in laboratories
are stashed away in lavatories

Drugs and sex aren’t hard to find
it seems as if the world’s gone blind
for what the people fail to see
is messing up society

As Dads no longer head their home
and kids all sit, and chat by phone
what once to all has been a home
is looking like a war torn zone

No longer do you find that kids
are playing in the park
for it’s become a hideout place
for gangsters after dark

what once was right now seems so wrong
no more joy and no more song
as what this all was meant to be
lies buried in a cemetery

By telling you these things my aim
is not to make you mad
it’s just to tell another truth
which soon will make you glad

Amidst the chaos of this world
of hurt, despair and pain
and hate along with treachery
all done for selfish gain

There’s this one thing I know of
believe with all my heart
that when I bend my knees to pray
my God will make a way