The surprise gift basket

gift basket

Just two days ago I wrote about the gift baskets I collected and I thought that’ll be all for my collection this year.
This afternoon,  I spotted this beautiful maroon basket across the street where I lived.  It’s a beautiful and sturdy looking gift basket.  Life is full of surprises!
I was feeling a bit under the weather today and I believe this gift basket carries with it a simple yet poignant message just for me:





Quote of the day – English Proverb

“Every path has its puddle.”

– English Proverb



Quote of the day – William Shakespeare

“Excellent wretch! Perdition catch my soul

But I do love thee! and when I love thee not,

Chaos is come again.”

― William Shakespeare, Othello

funny dog in messy kitchen



Quote of the day – Tomo Milicevic

“We‘re here to mop up the mess that was left behind.”

– Tomo Milicevic 



Quote of the day – Mel Odom

“It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos.”

– Mel Odom

"Look at my purrrretty gown." (Photo credit: www.pleated-jean.com)

“Look at my purrrretty gown.”
(Photo credit: http://www.pleated-jean.com)

"I was just looking for my other tennis ball." (Photo credit: www.giftsdirect.com)

“I was just looking for my other tennis ball.”
(Photo credit: http://www.giftsdirect.com)

"It wasn't me.  The pillow exploded." http://www.pinterest.com

“It wasn’t me. The pillow exploded.”

"It's about time they change the wallpaper." (Photo credit: www.emgn.com)

“It’s about time they change the wallpaper.”
(Photo credit: http://www.emgn.com)

"See what claustrophobia made me do!" (Photo credit: www.awesomelycute.com)

“See what claustrophobia made me do!”
(Photo credit: http://www.awesomelycute.com)

"Hey dude, you have a problem with this?" (Photo credit: www.officialhuskylovers.com)

“Hey dude, you have a problem with this?”
(Photo credit: http://www.officialhuskylovers.com)