Quote of the day – Charles Dickens


“A most malicious cough”Charles Dickens

sick cat

“I have been coughing, wheezing and sneezing these past few days.  I think I may have fractured a rib.” – NBC



Time to chill out

It’s time to chill out!
Just taking some time off
from social media
to rest my mind and my heart.
All is well.
I have scheduled a few posts
while I’m away.
Keep smiling & stay amazing, folks!




The surprise gift basket

gift basket

Just two days ago I wrote about the gift baskets I collected and I thought that’ll be all for my collection this year.
This afternoon,  I spotted this beautiful maroon basket across the street where I lived.  It’s a beautiful and sturdy looking gift basket.  Life is full of surprises!
I was feeling a bit under the weather today and I believe this gift basket carries with it a simple yet poignant message just for me:





Quote of the day – Hands of Life

Life doesn’t have any hands,

life in our hands
Life in our hands (www.pinterest.com)

but it can sure give us a

slap sometimes.

sad bunny

‘Rabbit’ depression

cute kittens

CATch-22 situation  [www.funnyasduck.net]

funny - unbearable

It’s unbearable. [www.pinterest.com]

leopard in distress

Oh no! I’ve been spotted! [www.pinterest.com]

doggie stress

It doesn’t rain, it ‘paws’ [www.reddit.com]