Joke of the day – Tooth hurty

Patient:  “Doc, I’m very nervous.  This is my first tooth extraction.
Young dentist: “Don’t worry, this is my first extraction too.




Quote of the day – Arthur H. Dekruyter


“Where is the church at 11:25 on Monday morning? The church then is in the dentist’s office, in the car sales room and repair shop, and out in the truck. It is in the hospital, in the classroom and in the home. It is in the offices, insurance, law, real estate, whatever it is. That is where the church is, wherever God’s people are. They are doing what they ought to be doing. They are honouring God, not just while they worship in a building but out there.”

– Arthur H. Dekruyter


Joke of the day – False teeth


Speaker: This is terrible! I’m the speaker at this banquet and I forgot my false teeth!

Man: I happen to have an extra pair; try these.

Speaker: Too small!

Man: Well, try this pair.

Speaker: Too big!

Man: I have one pair left.

Speaker: These fit just fine. It sure is lucky to sit next to a dentist!

Man: I’m not the dentist. I’m an undertaker.