Joke of the day – Milkilogy







Shaye:   Mom, milk comes from cows, right?
Me:  That’s right, Shaye.
Shaye:  So…does that mean chocolate milk comes from brown cows?
brown cow.jpg

“Chocolate milk, anyone?”





Joke of the day – Milk before bed

Here’s a simple reason why drinking milk before bedtime is bad for you.

“You drink milk.”

“You toss and turn in our sleep, the milk is turned to butter,

the butter turns to fat,

fat turns to alchohol,

and you wake up with a hangover!


Joke of the day- Lesson on giving


The town’s richest man met with the minister after the Sunday service. “Why does everyone call me cheap and stingy?” complained the man. “I’ve told everyone I’m leaving half my money to the church when I die.”

The minister nodded. “It reminds me of the story about the pig and cow. The cow was much loved by the farmer and his neighbours, while the pig was not popular at all. The pig could not understand this and asked the cow about it.

“How come you are so well-like cow? People say you’re generous and good because you give milk and butter and cream every day. But I give more than that. From me they get bacon and ham; they even pickle my feet. Yet I’m not popular and you are. “Why do you think that is?”

The cow replied, “Perhaps it’s because I give while I’m still alive.”