Quote of the day – Nikos Kazantzakis

True teachers use themselves as bridges
over which they invite their students to cross;
then, having facilitated their crossing,
joyfully collapse,
encouraging them to create bridges of their own.
Nikos Kazantzakis


Beautiful bridge in Vietnam [www.pinterest.com]



Joke of the day – Beans

A teacher asked her Year 1 students to write a sentence with the word “beans.” 

John:   “My father grows beans.

Mary: “My mother cooks beans.

Timmy: “We are all human beans.



Quote of the day -Helen Caldicott

“Teachers, I believe,

are the most responsible

and important members of society

because their professional efforts

affect the fate of the earth.”

doggie classroom

― Helen Caldicott


Joke of the day – Creative writing

A teacher asked her students to write a sentence

using the words ‘defeat, defense and detail‘.

Little Tommy wrote: 

De feet of de dog went over de fence before de tail.


Joke of the day – Two greatest dangers


Two kids are sitting in a high school auditorium, listening to the principal give the welcoming speech for the year.

The principal says, “The two greatest dangers that students face are ignorance and apathy.”

One of the students turns to his friend and asks, “Dude, what’s ignorance and apathy?'”

The other student, bored and restless and wanting for the speech to end says, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”


Joke of the day – The Millionaire’s Son

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Mrs. Smith, the third grade teacher, gave the term test to her students. Richie, the son of a millionaire knew he will not pass the test. Reaching into his pocket, he found a $100 bill and he attached it to his test with a note, “A dollar per point.”. The next day Richie received his test papers with a note, “Good try!”, along with $60 change.


Joke of the day – The wise professor

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Two university students had an exam coming up but they opted to party instead, and missed the test. “Our car broke down due to a flat tyre,” they told the professor earnestly. “Can we write the exam tomorrow?” The professor agreed to give them a makeup test the next day.

Both boys crammed all night until they were sure they knew just about everything. Arriving the next morning, each was told to go to a separate classroom to take the exam. They shrugged and complied. As they sat down, they read the first question: “For 5 points, explain the contents of an atom.” This is going to be a piece of cake! thought each boy, answering the question with ease.

Then, the test continued. “For 95 points, tell me which tyre it was.”


Joke of the day – Punctuation


An English professor wrote the words, “Woman without her man is nothing” on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly.

The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

The women wrote: “Woman! Without her, man is nothing.”