Quote of the day – Arthur H. Dekruyter


“Where is the church at 11:25 on Monday morning? The church then is in the dentist’s office, in the car sales room and repair shop, and out in the truck. It is in the hospital, in the classroom and in the home. It is in the offices, insurance, law, real estate, whatever it is. That is where the church is, wherever God’s people are. They are doing what they ought to be doing. They are honouring God, not just while they worship in a building but out there.”

– Arthur H. Dekruyter


Just say ‘no’…


…if someone wants something that you cannot give – time, energy, brain power, emotional or physical help in your home or office, then just say ‘No’.

This reminds me of the cartoon my daughters love to watch on TV – Dibo the Gift Dragon. There’s a character called Annie and she’s a kind and helpful girl who loves to bake. There’s also a pink rabbit called Bunny who is vain and selfish. In one episod, Bunny said to an obviously exhausted Annie, “You know Annie, I just can’t stand it anymore. Everyone is stepping all over you. What you need is a makeover. You must learn how to say ‘no’ like me” So, Bunny became Annie’s teacher and she was coaching Annie to say “No, No, No until Annie sounds just like her…mean and selfish.

So, wait until you feel ready to give freely and then you will be much more helpful without damaging yourself.

Remember, you don’t need to juggle every ball or take on every project. Relax, your need to enjoy life and focus on all the good. You’ll be far more productive with far less anguish!

“More men are killed by overwork than the importance of this world justifies.” – Rudyard Kipling


What money can buy


A bed but not sleep.
A house but not a home.
Books but not knowledge.
Clocks but not time.
Company but not friends.
Finery but not beauty.
Food but not appetite.
Insurance but not safety.
Luxuries but not comfort.
Medicine but not health.
Pleasure but not happiness
Position but not respect.
Religion but not salvation.

“A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.” – John Ruskin